Travel, adventures, literature, environment... Jesse’s freelance stories and photographs range from riding camels in Tunisia to researching humpback whales in Queensland - and plenty in between. Here’s some examples:

Heroines of the ice (Australian Geographic)
Female pioneers in Antarctica

Close encounters of the Bird Kind (Womankind)
Feature on Antarctic bird researcher Julie McInness.

Still hung up on Telstra (Sydney Morning Herald)
Telstra is like an old boyfriend... (Heckler column)

Dances with whales (The Australian)
One week on a humpback research vessel in Hervey Bay

Desert vigil (Wellbeing)
Heat, flies and arachnophobia - adventures on camel-back in Tunisia

Buzzing with books (Good Reading)
Despatches from the Edinburgh Book Festival

For the love of the land (Outback)
Landcare celebrates 20 years in Australia

Australia: the story of a destination brand (Research News)
The shrimp on the barbie ad is still the USA’s most memorable foreign campaign

Words of encouragement (Wellbeing)
Life, death and the blank page

Australia a leader in biodynamic agriculture (Australian Farm Journal) Biodynamic wines win the blind taste test nine times out of ten.

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