I would like to acknowledge your important role in the development of the publication Partners in Sustainable Production... The stories really capture the mix of approaches and personalities that have contributed to the success of the groups, with the personal feel we were looking for. - Rod Shaw, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Forestry.

Masters of the Climate Revisited is an inviting and engaging publication which is always popular at events and conferences – it practically walks off the stands. Jesse has managed to draw out the essence of the experiences from the case study subjects, and presented the results in an informative way which allows the people involved to tell their own stories. - Tim Lester, Land & Water Australia.

Her writing is insightful, entertaining, accessible and evocatively illustrated with her own high-quality photographs. Her articles are always well received by WellBeing's readers, amongst whom she has a loyal following. - Liani Solari, Wellbeing.

I was so impressed by the gender inclusive images, the gender inclusive language, overall display and ease of reading and relevance of the topic. - Cathy McGowan.

Your NRM and biodiversity knowledge is without fault. It is rare for a writer/editor to have the breadth of knowledge that you have, along with the ability to translate this clear, relevant and engaging stories. Your work with us ion the community consultations for the National Biodiversity Strategy and the development of the new Murray Darling Basin Plan showed your outstanding ability to absorb and grasp large amounts of information, extract the key themes and messages and express them in a clear, concise and equitable manner. - Robbie Sefton, Seftons.

Jesse’s ability to meet deadlines and not compromise quality is a hallmark of her writing ability. The speech she wrote for Jack Thompson on landcare for an address to the National Press Club was a good example of her talent. Producing a yearbook each year to showcase Landcare Australia’s major achievements demonstrated Jesse’s editorial and coordinating ability as well as her lively, effervescent writing style. - Brian Scarsbrick, Landcare Australia

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